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The solubility of metals in Pb Li liquid alloy. The solubility data of iron in the eutectic alloy Pb Li which were evaluated from corrosion tests in a turbulent flow of the molten alloy are discussed in the frame of solubilities of the transition metals in liquid lead.

It is shown that the solubility of iron in the alloy is close to that in lead. This is also the fact for several other alloying elements of steels. A comparison of all known data shows that they are in agreement with generally shown trends for the solubility of the transition metals in low melting metals.

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These trends indicate comparably high solubilities of nickel and manganese in the liquid metals , lower saturation concentration of vanadium, chromium, iron, and cobalt, and extremely low solubility of molybdenum. Full Text Available Preliminary study of the fauna in the Morro de Moravia open dump and presence of heavy metals in arthropods and rodents. Characterization of the species present in a given locality by means of biological inventories provides information about diversity, even ifit is done in disturbed environments such as open dumps, which are considered a threat for health due to the accumulation of heavy metalsthat are well known for their negative effects on human health and the environment.

To carry out a preliminary characterizationof arthropods and non-flying small mammals in the Morro de Moravia open dump, and to determine the heavy metal contents in animaltissue samples. Materials and Methods.

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Arthropods were collected with pitfall traps and manually. Rodents were captured with Shermantraps.

The heavy metal analysis was carried out with atomic spectroscopy. A total of 9 orders, 51 families and 75 morphospeciesof insects, 5 families of spiders, two syrphid and a millipede species were identified; Mus musculus was the only small mammal speciesidentified. Heavy metal analysis showed various concentrations mainly of Pb and Cd. The highest content of Pb TheMorro de Moravia open dump provides conditions that allow the establishment of an arthropod community with various diets and niches.

The transference of heavy metals from the residue matrix towards higher levels of the trophic chain was corroborated.

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Full Text Available Chitin and chitosan were extracted from mycelial biomass of Cunninghamella elegans and the performance for copper, lead and iron biosorption in aqueous solution was evaluated. The growth curve of C. Chitin and chitosan were extracted by alkali-acid treatment and the yields were The rate of metallic biosorption was dependent upon the concentration and pH of metal solutions, and the best results were observed with pH 4.

Chitosan showed the highest affinity for copper and chitin for iron adsorption. The results suggest that C. O crescimento de C. Os melhores resultados foram obtidos em pH 4,0. Os resultados sugerem que C. Heavy metals pollution and pb isotopic signatures in surface sediments collected from Bohai Bay, North China. To investigate the characteristics and potential sources of heavy metals pollution, surface sediments collected from Bohai Bay, North China, were analyzed for the selected metals Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb , and Zn.

The Geoaccumulation Index was used to assess the level of heavy metal pollution.

Pb isotopic compositions in sediments were also measured to effectively identify the potential Pb sources. The mean concentrations of the studied metals were slightly higher than the background values. However, the heavy metals concentrations in surface sediments in Bohai Bay were below the other important bays or estuaries in China. The assessment by Geoaccumulation Index indicated that Cr, Zn, and Cd were classified as "the unpolluted" level, while Ni, Cu, and Pb were ranked as "unpolluted to moderately polluted" level.

The Pb isotopic ratios in surface sediments varied from 1. Compared with Pb isotopic radios in other sources, Pb contaminations in the surface sediments of Bohai Bay may be controlled by the mix process of coal combustion, aerosol particles deposition, and natural sources. Based on the soil critical concentration value of Pb. Full Text Available The purpose of this study to determine the ability of Chlorella vulgaris in absorbing Pb lead and the effect of the variation of Pb metal concentration on the growth of Chlorella vulgaris. Exposure Pb ion in Chlorella vulgaris for 7 days. Analysis of the metal content of Pb concentration performed on culture media after exposure it at 3 hours after dispersion Chlorella vulgaris and on day 7 of culture using the AAS method.

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Do also counting the growth of cells each day. The results of the analysis of the average metal content of Pb in the culture medium at the end of the study was the control 0.

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While the average growth of Chlorella vulgaris at the end of the study were control The results of the analysis of the content of Pb in the F test shown that the difference in concentration of water Pb given real influence on the ability of Chlorella vulgaris in absorbing Pb and growth. The conclusion of this study was Chlorella vulgaris has the ability to absorb metals in the waters, and the provision of various concentrations of Pb can affect the growth of Chlorella vulgaris.

The purpose of this study to determine the ability of Chlorella vulgaris in absorbing Pb lead and the effect of the variation of Pb metal concentration on the growth of Chlorella vulgaris. The objective of this work was to evaluate the soil chemical attributes and exchange of cadmium Cd, chromium Cr, nickel Ni, mercury Hg, lead Pb and arsenic As by DTPA extractor in an Oxisol with surface application of flue dust, aqueous lime, sewage sludge in rates of zero control, 2, 4 and 8 Mg ha-1 and one additional treatment of dolomitic limestone at 2 Mg ha The experiment was carried out in a randomized blocks design under field conditions, in a no-tillage system in and The surface applications of flue dust, aqueous lime and sewage sludge centrifuge and biodigestor at 8 Mg ha-1, as well as the application of limestone at 2 Mg ha-1, cause no problems of exchange to the environment, related to the heavy metals Cd, Cr, Hg, Pb , Ni.

Cierto grupo de bacterias presentan la capacidad d Considering that Brazil is a big producer and coffee consumer its evident the importance of its characterization in the different places of cultivation. Thirty ground samples were examined, being 15 of predominantly arenaceous ground and 15 of argillaceous ground. The levels changed among the samples. Source identification of heavy metal contamination using metal association and Pb isotopes in Ulsan Bay sediments, East Sea, Korea. The primary source of metal contamination came from activities related to nonferrous metal refineries near Onsan Harbor, and the next largest source was from shipbuilding companies located at the mouth of the Taehwa River.

Three different anthropogenic sources and background sediments could be identified as end-members using Pb isotopes. Isotopic ratios for the anthropogenic Pb revealed that the sources were imported ores from Australia, Peru, and the United States.

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In addition, Pb isotopes of anthropogenic Pb discharged from Ulsan Bay toward offshore could be determined. A simple and low cost filtration system was developed to use with prepared membranes. The main goal was to use biodegradable materials for removing heavy metals from water, through a low energy consumption, cheap, and specific method.

As a result, two data sheets were prepared for the membranes. It was found out that chromium was the metal with the highest removal from water, by using a crosslinked membrane. Metal adsorption was best adjusted to the Freundlich isotherm model, better than Langmuir isotherm model. However, it was found no correlation between pore size and crosslinking degree. This article shows the research results on the removal of five heavy metals lead, nickel, chromium, cadmium and mercury present in a liquor made of a mixture of wastewater from San Fernando wastewater treatment plant and a solution prepared with known concentrations of heavy metals , using a series of batery filters packed with zeolita clinoptilolita.

The experiments were run under controlled conditions of flow and pH, at room temperature. It was found that the removal efficiency was significantly high under the specified design conditions; also, it was found an important removal of the contaminants after passing through the filters, independently of the initial concentration, with the highest observed removal for mercury. Distributions of Al, Cd, Cu, Fe, Li, Mn and Pb were analyzed in a sediment core collected in the Gulf of Tehuantepec, an important fisheries region located in the South Pacific of Mexico, where data on metal accumulation and accretion rates were previously almost nonexistent.

Depth profiles of metal concentrations were converted to time-based profiles by using a Pb -derived vertical accretion rate, estimated to be 0. Sediments were dated up to 8 cm depth, corresponding to a layer of ca. The historical changes of metal accumulation along the sediment core have shown a moderate enrichment of Cd, Cu and Pb concentrations at present, of about threefold the corresponding background concentrations. Chronological trace metal records showed that metal fluxes have increased over the last 20 years, reaching the maximum values at present of 2. These increments in metal fluxes are likely influenced by the development of anthropogenic land-based activities since over this period of time oil production activities in the region have had a significant development.

Full Text Available The effectiveness of materials based on LTA Zeolite as active phase, for their incorporation into systems aimed at the removal of heavy metals on waste water is evaluated in a preliminary way. We have studied the effect of hydrothermal synthesis time at K. Se ha estudiado el efecto del tiempo de tratamiento hidrotermal a K. Systems preparation of soil and accumulation of heavy metals in the soil and in the culture of pepper Capsicum Annum L. Foram utilizadas parcelas do tipo Wischmeier, de tamanho de 22,0 x 4,0m.

The objectives of this study were to determine the influence of different soil tillage methods on the loss of heavy metals by erosion, and to evaluate the level of contamination of soil and food in Paty do Alferes County, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.